Now that the warm weather has arrived and all the most famous, rising, favorite and popular fashion brands have released their 2017 SPRING/SUMMER FASHION COLLECTIONS a while ago, it’s time to update “the ultimate accessory!”  You ask yourself…well, what is the ultimate accessory?  Sunglasses aka eyewear aka spectacles!  We wear them to conceal, enhance, to shade and to look ultimately fabulous!  What other accessory can you name that does all of the things mentioned above?  Exactly!

            I am so proud and excited to announce that Bella LaVie Collection has not only released our 2017/18 Spring/Summer Collection but our new and fabulous SUNGLASS EYEWEAR COLLECTION and it is now available at WWW.BELLALAVIE.COM !    Here is the exact link you may click on to view and purchase your “ULTIMATE ACCESSORY” from our collection:  We intend to grow our sunglass eyewear exponentially until we include a little of everything that every fashionista that support and buy our collection can use and wear to feel and look beautiful.

           Most of us, including myself, get so comfortable with a particular pair of sunglasses,  we wear them because we believe they enhance our beauty and we tend to wear them forever.  Well, have you ever considered if they really do what you thought, especially with your particular facial structure?  Well, we have and we are here to help!  Here are some key elements to look for when purchasing that ULTIMATE ACCESSORY:

ROUND FACE:  A good rule of thumb for people with round faces is to choose glasses that are wider than they are tall, as wider frames give the illusion of a slimmer face. Also, round faces should not be afraid to try glasses adorned with prints, bright colors, strong brow detailing, and other embellishments, which all add contrast and definition to the face. Finally, glasses with a clear or thin bridge can make your eyes appear wider while adjustable nosepads can prevent frames from resting on fuller cheeks.

SQUARE FACE:  Round framesoval frames, or a cat-eye would all compliment a square face. For someone with a square face, the sharpness of your facial features could be exaggerated if you choose glasses that also have sharp angles. When choosing glasses for square-shaped faces, the goal should be to lengthen and soften the face by adding curving lines. You can also make a square face appear thinner and softer by selecting glasses in neutral colors (cream, beige, etc.) and choosing glasses that are wider than they are deep (i.e. tall), as wider frames give the illusion of a slimmer face.

OVAL FACE:  People with oval faces should choose frames that are as wide or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face. Glasses with detailed embellishments also look great with the high cheek bones typically found on oval faces. You can choose a classic rectangular shape for a sophisticated, studious look, a retro cat-eye, or a trendy square or round frame. Really, anything goes!

HEART SHAPE:  When choosing glasses for heart-shaped faces, the goal should be to minimize the width of the top of the face and to broaden the appearance of the chin. Look for frames that are wider than your forehead, or have prominent end points (like cateye shapes). You can also soften your look by choosing frames in light colors or with detailing like a tortoise or floral pattern. Heart shaped faces are quite versatile, so many different styles will suit you.  See sample below and you can make your selection by clicking link below:

            Our Army Camouflauge Mini Dress, Total Ambition Tee and Denim Jeans in the picture above are from our newest collection and  available  under our new arrival tab at WWW.BOUJICHICK.COM !  Further, we want you to look and feel fabulous this spring/summer and we are offering you a $10 off of any purchase over $50 by using PROMO CODE: SLAY17 at check out.  You may use this code anytime and as many times as you like up until August 30, 2017.  See website for Terms and Conditions.  So jump into SPRING and get SPRING READY and allow us to dress you bella with your new ULTIMATE ACCESSORY!   



          THE END!
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