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  When working in the fashion industry it is extremely important to keep up to date with constantly changing fashion styles and getting them out to the public while that trend is hot. Having an annual event is a great way of keeping every fashionista informed and up to date with the latest styles and trends your brand is currently offering whether you are the original “trail blazer” or not.   THE FASHION SHOW 2016 DESIGNER'S AND VENDOR'S SHOWCASE (name is soon to change to its permanent name) is an annual event to keep you informed of the latest styles and trends of current fashions designers and small business owners.  This event is hosted by the and with the combined efforts of the CEO of Boujichick Fashions and Bella LaVie Collection.  This event is in its’ third year of growth, and this awesome annual event, is a great way for local and budding designers to get their brands out to the public. For those fashionista/budding designers who are trying to make it into the fashion industry, attending such events, such as the one mentioned, can be a smart way to learn from other industry participants, connecting and networking with professionals in your field. Further, this event can serve as one great marketing tool to create awareness for your brand.

     The CEO  of Bella LaVie Collection., Boujichick Fashions and their committees are working feverously together to revamp this event to make it even better and expanding it to include other cities such as, Cincinnati, Ohio and Queens, New York.  Those are the cities in which we want to expand our event and make it a success for people who cannot travel to the  Amherst, New York event.  There will be charter buses waiting to transport all participants to the appointed destination(s)…this will be positively an prelude to expand any brand, business, network and a mini vacation for any fashionista who enjoys traveling, shopping and an excellent source of vitamin “r” for fantastic runway shows.  So stay tuned more is definitely coming! 

   If you are a fashionista, business owner and or fashion designer and wish to be placed on the list for our 2017 Runway Shows, don’t worry, you are already their! In order to absolutely guarantee your spot, please, send a confirmation email and just say… include me in the 2017 DESIGNER’S SHOWCASE. Small budding and/or established businesses need the help of devoted followers such as yourselves and it is 100% true about you supporting a small business and saving a village.      We are currently looking for sponsors for our upcoming 2017-18 Season.  There will be three levels of sponsorship…BRONZE by five(5) Tickets and get your name listed on advertisement as a sponsor; GOLD buy ten (10) Tickets and get your logo and name listed on all advertisement; and PLATINUM buy fifteen (15) Tickets and get your name, business logo and email address listed on all advertisements and tickets given out to the public. Email:  ANNE OWENS, PR DIRECTOR for to be placed on the Sponsorship List.    Further, we are including some of our best and most aspiring pictures from our last show of the 2016 Season that took place in Amherst, New York.  We are hoping that it will inspire you to buy, support and wear these fashion designer’s fabulous fashions!  I hope you all will enjoy.  Some pictures include debuts for the upcoming Spring 2017 Season!  Further, if you are not an internet buyer and wish to order from any of the fashion lines mentioned above, there is a FREE HOLIDAY CATALOG you can order and make your HOLIDAY SHOPPING a breeze by placing your order on the prospective fashion designer’s websites listed under “accessories”.  We are hoping to see you all at attending at  least one of  our upcoming events regardless of city because we need you there and buying from each brand this holiday season! 

   Last but not least, we would like to give a huge, “THANK YOU” to all that supported us this past year and the people behind the senses that rarely get acknowledge.  We are taking time out to thank…  Maro Harem, Make-Up and Hair Artist,  Asha Johnson, Jewelry Stylist,  from Be Jewels at THE FASHION SHOW 2016 DESIGNER’S AND VENDOR’S SHOWCASE, Victoria Weeden, Independent Fashion Ambassador (and key designer in Boujichick Fashion’s 2016-17 VW Sweat Suit), fitting model Whitney Weeden, Cassy Wahl… Boujichick Fashion’s 2016 Fashion Brand Ambassador and YOU our supporters/buyers of our brand. Through you our dreams continue to soar because you all our the wind beneath our wings...


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